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Maureen O’Hara

Maureen O’Hara worked closely with Carl Rogers for 20 years during the period of his career in which he focused on large group encounters. Her subsequent work has focused on applying person-centered principles to “big picture” challenges to release the creative potential that always exists in persons and their communities. Her latest book, with Graham Leicester, Dancing at the Edge: Competence, Culture and Organization in the 21st Century (Triarchy, 2012) addresses the huge cultural disruptions straining collective psychological coherence in the 21st century and how together we might learn our way forward. With Mick Cooper, Peter Schmid and Arthur Bohart, she co-edited the Handbook of Person-centered Psychotherapy and Counseling, (2nd ed., Red Globe Press, 2013) and, with Carl Rogers, John Wood and Afonso Da Fonseca, co-authored Em Busca da Vida (Summus, 1983). She is Professor of Psychology at the National University in California, United States, and a founding member of the International Futures Forum where her research involves applying person-centered learning approaches with individuals and groups faced with the increasingly complex problems of a changing world.